Slam by the Lake (PC SOPS)

PC SOPS - Slam by the Lake

A newly formed group of poets living in Port Credit held a Poetry Slam over the weekend. Each poem was presented with passion and depth. There was a distinct connectivity between writer and audience –   quiet moments of reflection as the words amplified and resonated throughout the space. Many of us find solace in writing down our thoughts; it is part of being human. However,  having the opportunity to share these thoughts and ideas and emotions and stories with others through poetry makes it an even more fulfilling journey for a writer. Here is and excerpt from a poem I shared at the PC SOPS, Slam by the Lake.

The Fray

The Scent Beyond the Fray ( an excerpt )

“Standing up from bent knees
I look past the debris
Tangled palm trees 
Gazing over invisible faces towards the bay
A fragrant scent of serenity 
Envelops me
A seducing drug 
So sweet to inhale 
Leads me beyond the fray”
© 2014 Ann Ivy Male