When the Fog Lifts



When the fog lifts

What will be waiting for us on the other side?

Shadows of fear or

A promise of peace?

Whose dreams are caught in tangled webs of time?

Those of the unknown.

We cannot know what it feels like to hide in the shadows.

To see an enemy creeping closer

To stare into the eyes of a helpless soul –

To walk away in sadness

To hear The Last Post echo through the fog,

And time stand still

For just an instant.

What will tomorrow bring,

When the fog lifts beyond the trees?

A clear, blue sky.


The Wall of Peace

The Wall of Peace

The Wall of Peace

Cement and water
Mixed into paste
Broken lines drawn
Far and wide
Brick by brick
One by one

Human hands construct
Human hands destroy

Power struggles ignite
Human shields cross
Tainted lands
That run along the borders of time

Innocent cries
Take shelter in the arms
Of  strangers from afar
Traces of unity,dignity linger
What sense do we make of it all?

Families torn apart
Families bound together

Human hands wrapped in bandages
Tightened to stop the flow of insanity
Splotches of pain and hope,
Momentous hope
That only the human spirit can endure

Human hands tremble
Human hands open wide to embrace

The wall of peace crumbles,
Now a ribbon of dust and debris

Random acts of kindness, trump

Random acts of violence

Brick by brick
One by one
Water cleanses,
Washes away the despair
Time makes us well

(This poem is dedicated to Corporal Nathan Cirillo,

Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, and all the men and woman in service)

© 2014 Ann Ivy Male

War Memorial

Slam by the Lake (PC SOPS)

PC SOPS - Slam by the Lake

A newly formed group of poets living in Port Credit held a Poetry Slam over the weekend. Each poem was presented with passion and depth. There was a distinct connectivity between writer and audience –   quiet moments of reflection as the words amplified and resonated throughout the space. Many of us find solace in writing down our thoughts; it is part of being human. However,  having the opportunity to share these thoughts and ideas and emotions and stories with others through poetry makes it an even more fulfilling journey for a writer. Here is and excerpt from a poem I shared at the PC SOPS, Slam by the Lake.

The Fray

The Scent Beyond the Fray ( an excerpt )

“Standing up from bent knees
I look past the debris
Tangled palm trees 
Gazing over invisible faces towards the bay
A fragrant scent of serenity 
Envelops me
A seducing drug 
So sweet to inhale 
Leads me beyond the fray”
© 2014 Ann Ivy Male