Arctic Ice – Part 2

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Arctic Ice – your landscape changes once again.

The afternoon sun dances upon your dying icicles.

The deep blue water splashes against your jagged edge.

You grow smaller while the day is getting longer.

Swan lovers hide in your crevasses.

They quietly steal a kiss or two.

© 2014 Ann Ivy Male

A Cup of Coffee and a Few Kind Words

A Cup of Coffee and Few Kind Words

A Cup of Coffee and a Few Kind Words

I sat with you at a table in Capoliveri

The poet with a beard, walked slowly up the cobblestone path

He carried a tattered black case, a paint brush and a cup

He came towards me and offered me a stack of paintings

He smiled and turned away

I looked upon the sketches in awe

Streets and lines fading in the distance

The painter sat quietly at a table and pulled out a blank canvas

He dipped his brush into the cup

A cup, half-full of left-over crema and dark espresso

He swirled the ochre liquid onto the white canvas

He outlined a building and sketched a checkered tablecloth

The shutters of the window opened wide to the summer air

A sign on a wall points to a direction – “Il Chiasso” 30mt.

I waited in anticipation

The painter had nearly finished

But, one last touch before he signed his name

« Ci elieto,nei nostril silenzi,la luce del cuore «


“Being quiet and still with oneself brings light to the heart”

(For someone special, who brings light to my heart, on his Birthday)

© 2013 Ann Ivy Male

In the Shadows of the St. Lawrence River

In the Shadows of the St. Lawrence River

St. Lawrence River

I once sat on the banks of the St. Lawrence River

I watched the flow of the water, wash away my thoughts

I once held your hand by the banks of the river

Your long white dress drifted towards a distant ocean

I once had a dark dream about the St. Lawrence River

About the tiny villages along its shores

Tiny villages, now lost in the shadows

I once sang a song about the St. Lawrence River

About its dirty banks and frozen water

And how I carried you down to river

Only to realize; that moment is now frozen in time

© 2013 Ann Ivy Male

St. Lawrence River by David Usher

To read more about history of the St. Lawrence, “the lost villages” and the construction of The St. Lawrence Seaway.

Anne Michaels also writes about the historical event in The Winter Vault.