City StreetBlog – Guelph

The Speed River flows majestically through  the town while one of the oldest carousels around is sheltered from the storm –  waiting for warmer weather. Soon ,the laughter of children, anxiously waiting to ride upon its painted characters, will bring Riverside Park to life.

Carousel along the Speed


Always sad to find a second book store closing due to economics. The Bookshelf appears to have the right formula – Books Film Music  Food. “Finding Vivian Maier” – priceless!

Books and more


The Church on the Hill

The Church on the Hill


Lost treasure only to be found at  Antiques and Collectibles. A dusty old camera and vintage “Life”. Casual and delicious fare at Cornerstone – “Bottoms-up!”

Antiques and Cornerstone


Boys will be Boys! A quiet Guelph Civic Museum. Spinning round the “Vinyl“.



A walk around Market Square. Old and New. The Armoury is off in the distance. Eric the Baker has the best, authentic French croissants and pastries

Market Square

City StreetBlog – Ottawa

Ottawa, 2012

Canada’s capital city is Ottawa. The name originates from the  Algonquin word “adewa” meaning “to trade”.

It sits on the southern bank of the Ottawa River with the Rideau canal flowing through it.

The canal freezes during the winter, creating the perfect ice-skating rink. Take a tour of the Parliament Buildings

and visit the Peace Tower for stunning views of city and the ever-burning Centennial Flame.

Ottawa, 2012

An unexpected and whimsical pink cement-truck breezes along the main street  while bronze ladies sip warm tea.

Ornate buildings and monuments and the National War Memorial

light up a cool November night. The Victory Tower Bell is what’s left after the fire of 1916.

Ottawa, 2012

Red and White with the iconic Maple Leaf – our flag adorns buildings and can also be found as a sweet treat in many a Byward Market bakery.

I am proud to be Canadian and forever in admiration of Terry Fox for his courage and sacrifice.

© 2013 Ann Ivy Male

City StreetBlog – Montréal


It’s no secret – I absolutely adore Montreal ! It will always be my hometown.

The city is whimsical and, with every corner you turn, there is something interesting and fun to gawk at.


Art, Music, Fashion, Food – you’ll definitely find it in Montréal, and it’s all done extremely well.


There’s a creative energy that consumes you in this city – it’s somewhat magical.

© 2013 Ann Ivy Male

City StreetBlog – Toronto

Night Skyline

If New York is “the city that never sleeps” and Paris is “the city of lights” and Chicago is “the windy city”, then Toronto must be “the city that hums itself to sleep”. For a Monday night, the city is winding down from a busy day. Stevie Nicks is in town and she sits in the audience at TIFF during the screening of    “In Your Dreams.” She is brilliant, she is honest, and her music is – poetry brought to life. It is Stevie Nicks’ sultry voice that lulls this city to sleep.In Your Dreams

The sun shines bright on the doors of Weslodge on King. A late night bite to the sounds of New Order and Stevie Nicks – cocktails with lemon curls, prosecco  and rum.Nite Toronto

The Tower  is a bright red nightlight in the sky. It stands tall as the streetcars drift by. The streets are still, the streets are quiet –  the streets are sleepy. Goodnight Moon, Good-night Toronto.Nite Toronto1