Solitude : Surfacing


In our busy, busy world of constant change and media noise; it takes mindful discipline to shut it all down and focus within. 2020 started with a promise of beginnings –  a new decade, a new chapter, but little did we anticipate a global pandemic to pull the rug right out from under us. Some say the writing was always on the imaginary wall, some say history repeats itself, some say devastation paves the way for global rebirth.

Humans are highly capable of adapting to change, it’s our inborn innate trait therefore situations that ultimately destroy our safety net, eventually lead us to discover a brand new direction – we just have to be patient.

Writing, photography, music and art are my creative outlets – they help me organize my thoughts when pressures that are out of my control occur. They are my comfort zone and they validate the power that living a creative life has on me.

Soon to the blog a new series of poetry –

Solitude : Surfacing



Notre Dame


Our Lady of Paris – Notre Dame,  your magnificence takes my breath away. Every time the carousel spins around, I search for the Hunchback, listen for the bells, wink at the gargoyles, marvel at your structure, flying buttresses, rose coloured glass – it took 200 years and thousands of hands to build you and now flames capture your infinite beauty.

Photo taken 2008, Paris , annivymalephotography

Words Ann Ivy Male