I am a creative – a life without creativity is not a life I choose. I am a writer – my words on a page are simply there to inspire, I write because it feels natural for me to do so, it’s a part of who I am. I am a photographer – every image I take conveys a story. With today’s tools; we all take photographs but we all see the world in a different light. I am a musician – I play music for fun, I dabble with songs, sounds and melodies; music brings warmth to my soul. I am an artist – I paint with colour, I paint with mood, I paint when I feel like it. I am a cook – I cook for family and friends. I learnt from the best: my grandmother, my father, and tv chefs who share their knowledge of good food. I am an advocate for the environment, I am not an activist, but I am active in exploring information about safe-keeping the world around me. I am a traveller – my passport is my door and window to discovering and experiencing this planet. I choose to surround myself with positively creative individuals – they help me grow and continue to learn; they inspire me.

I am Ann Ivy Male – I use art, images and musings to tell my stories.


  1. Hello Dear Cousin! Greetings from Germany! Just started blogging, too and remembered you have been writing for a while. Great to see you here, Love and regards, Alexandra

    1. Wow this is cool! Hello Alexandra and thanks for following my blog. I’ve been writing/photographing for several years now and absolutely love it. What a wonderful way to connect with the world. Looking forward to reading your words. xo

  2. Hello ann,

    Just wanted to thank you for your lovely blog about your travels to Elba and your dining experience at il chiasso…I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the photos you took and reading of your wonderful experience….it made me want to go there myself……so it’s in the bucket list and hopefully in the very near future!

    Warm regards

    From rosemary in western australia

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