Tropical Shrimp Salsa

It’s the beginning of June, a warm 30 degree wind blows petals from a cherry tree and it’s snowing pink.

In California they have the Santa Ana winds and in the south of France they have the Mistral, which leaves me pondering what I would call a wind that picks up fiercly then falters ever so gently; it’s tropical in nature so a Northern Tropic wind perhaps?

Let’s go with that shall we, and to celebrate this Northern Tropic, I put together a mix of ingredients to make a shrimp salsa. Grab a bowl, add diced cooked shrimp, red onion, ripe mango, tomato and garden mint, squeeze lime juice and a splash of chive vinegar over the mixture, add salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle with chive flowers. Did you know that chive flowers are more complex in flavour compared to their stems? Chives are in season so grab some or grow some; they also make a pretty tasty vinegar.

Serve the tropical shrimp salsa with tortilla chips and a save some mint for a June Mojito. Cheers!

Words and images by Ann Ivy Male

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