Spring Think

Looking out the window, snow flakes dance and I am imagining what lies beneath the frozen ground – spring bulbs pushing delicate shoots upwards, buds on trees that formed last fall, now awaiting their debut, birds singing and gathering twigs and fallen leaves to build intricate nests, squirrels who have eaten most of their buried treasures are now excited for fresh nosh. For the rest of us humans, thoughts still feel heavy – Covid has taken a toll on our lives in various dimensions and it’s still hard to believe, a year later, how such a shift of this magnitude has drained our global human energy.

I write this as a reminder to myself and anyone else to take the wisdom nature offers – it gives us unconditional insight and strength to feel optimistic about what lies ahead – new beginnings, new possibilities, new ways of doing things, new ways of believing in our humanity.

aim 1.3.2021

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