Magnified Universe


I opened a creative studio three years ago; damn proud of the journey so far. Pixie Blue Studio is in the artsy East Urban Village of Port Credit, I describe it as a creative hub for artists, photographers, poets, writers, musicians and anyone interested in venturing into the realm of artistic expression.  I am the owner and creative director at the studio and I am fortunate to be around creatives who share my passion for the arts. They bring their own special talent to the mix. We’ve hosted numerous art and photography shows, art workshops, Figure8tion Life Drawing classes, we represent local artists, we teach art to special abilities adults under the mindset of creative wellness, we curate art for restaurants, businesses and residential homes and we invite the community to be inspired through arts and culture, living up to our motto – “creative minds @ play”.

My goal for the years ahead is to continue inspiring creatively through my blog and Pixie Blue Studio.  I also feel a need to post from time to time, the inspiration of my mother, L.G. Daniels’ writing and to share the words she never got the chance to share with the world. She was a teacher who inspired many young minds, including my own, to “disturb the universe” and “reach beyond my reach”!

© Ann Ivy Male 2020

4 thoughts on “Magnified Universe

  1. I knew your mother to be just the kind of person and mentor you so beautifully describe in your post. We worked together for many years and I was always inspired by her dedication to her craft. She was a very valued and inspirational member of my English department.

  2. So sorry to hear about your mother. I met her only once but was so impressed. You studio looks amazing. I’ll definitely visit it one day soon.

    1. Hi Judy, so nice to hear from you – I am so glad you got to meet my mom, I remember all our Sworl discussions and always thought she would have loved to partake in the talks. I will let you know when we have an art or writing event at the studio. Take care and thanks for reading.

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