Invisible Souls



The Piano

I wander the streets: I am focused, I am hungry, I am thirsty.

But I am also lonely.

What will the day bring as I sit in the shadows, watching the world go by?

People with a purpose avoid my gaze.

Change is not to spare.

The sign on the bench says “Play Me!”

I wait patiently for the musician to return.

He will bring joy to my day and peace to my invisible soul.

The Musician

I listen, I sing along, I clap.

The passers-by have not the time to hear the music.

Soon, I am no longer hungry.

The music fills my heart with comfort and I feel strong.

For a moment, I am not lonely.


(This poem is dedicated to Charlie, I met him on the streets of Chinatown in Montreal. He asked me to take his picture, he said he’d give me a nice smile. He told me that he is from Nunavut, and he loves Montreal. He also said that he loves to sing. We chatted for a few moments, I took his photo and he smiled.  As I walked away he yelled out… “I love you”. )

© aim 2013 


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