I  live in a house by the sea

The lighthouse around the corner guides my way

While I drift away in a paper boat, the sun sets on the lost day

My journey to somewhere is short

And, when I return I watch you run towards me

In your hand, a gift of orange berries

Strung in a row

Tied tightly into a knot

The mountains turn to ashes

The hot sun will burn them to the ground

As I relive my journey

You sit me down on a concrete step

Stay still, stay quiet

Look up at the sky, you say

Streaks of coloured light reflect in your eyes

Aurora is dancing

Dawn is near

My eyes remain bright and open

Borealis – the north wind blows

It’s a warm and fierce wind

And in time

The string  breaks

The berries fall to the ground


Some intact

Others smashed

We gather them up

And together, we string them along

One by one

(A poem dedicated to L.G. Daniels)

words and image © 2013 ann ivy male


  1. I wonder who is the “you” in the poem. Each time I read it I make a different guess. Who strings berries together for a gift? Who sits you down and instructs you to stay quiet. How did the string of berries get broken? It’s nice that you fix the string together. Too bad that some were smashed; that’s always what happens, isn’t it?

    1. Well, I really like that the “you” is intriguing Judy and I’m pleased that you take away a different perspective each time you read it. I will have to get your take on that the next time we meet. Thanks for reading.

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