A Cup of Coffee and a Few Kind Words


We once sat at a table in Capoliveri

The poet with a beard, walked slowly up the cobblestone path

Carrying a tattered black case, a paint brush and a cup

He approached our table and presented a stack of paintings

He smiled and turned away

We looked over the sketches in awe

Streets and lines fading in the distance

The painter sat quietly at a nearby table, pulled out a blank canvas

And dipped a paintbrush into the cup

A cup, half-full of left-over crema and dark espresso

He swirled the ochre liquid onto the white canvas

He outlined a building and sketched a checkered tablecloth

The shutters of the window opened wide to the summer air

A sign on a wall points to a direction – “Il Chiasso” 30mt.

We watched in awe of each stroke

The painter was nearly finished

He added one last touch before signing his name

” Ci elieto,nei nostril silenzi,la luce del cuore “

“Being quiet and still with oneself brings light to the heart”

                          This is your cup of coffee with a few kind words

(For RJM  – you are the comfort to my beating heart)

© 2013 ann ivy male



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