Gnarled Petals

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Are the petals beautiful only –

When they have just unfurled?

Or when they sit in a vase?

When they fade day by day?

  Or as they curl and twist and gnarl?

© 2013 Ann Ivy Male


  1. As with the previous photograph, I love the black and white. The poem (for me) is a commentary on growing older.

    1. Brilliant connection Judy. The art of growing older gracefully is beauty in itself. I have a ninety-seven year old neighbour, who continues to inspire me with her wisdom. As a society – we can become obsessed with preserving our youth with chemical peels and botox but there is no artificial way to keep the mind young and vibrant. My neighbour is proof of that – her beauty is reflected in every wrinkle on her face, her young eyes and inquisitive mind. Just like the petals.

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