Fluid Notes

Standing Ovation

“Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.” by the poet Berthold Auerbach is one of my all time favorite quotes.We can get bogged down with our daily routines and commitments, but, when our favorite song is played on the radio, it immediately lifts us up and transports us to a special memory or “sentimental journey” connected to that song – I love when the dust  gets washed away by the fluid notes.

Music has always been the pulse of  my world; it has carried me through life with a personal soundtrack to – living life to its fullest. From the early days of listening to my dad play his saxophone or my mother sing “Sentimental Journey”, to my daughter, standing barefoot in the yard, playing a tiny violin or my brother and sister play on stage with their bands –  I’ve embraced the amazing connection music brings to one’s soul and the people around them.

“Fluid Notes”  is dedicated to the musicians in my life: my favorite bands and singers, my dad, siblings, my band mates and my children who fill the house with all kinds of great sounds.

“Let the music play forever….” (Pet Shop Boys)

© Ann Ivy Male 2013

Rock and Roll


(Photo credit – DC Gonsalves)

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