City StreetBlog – Toronto

Night Skyline

If New York is “the city that never sleeps” and Paris is “the city of lights” and Chicago is “the windy city”, then Toronto must be “the city that hums itself to sleep”. For a Monday night, the city is winding down from a busy day. Stevie Nicks is in town and she sits in the audience at TIFF during the screening of    “In Your Dreams.” She is brilliant, she is honest, and her music is – poetry brought to life. It is Stevie Nicks’ sultry voice that lulls this city to sleep.In Your Dreams

The sun shines bright on the doors of Weslodge on King. A late night bite to the sounds of New Order and Stevie Nicks – cocktails with lemon curls, prosecco  and rum.Nite Toronto

The Tower  is a bright red nightlight in the sky. It stands tall as the streetcars drift by. The streets are still, the streets are quiet –  the streets are sleepy. Goodnight Moon, Good-night Toronto.Nite Toronto1

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