Breaking Bread

I can’t think of anything more comforting than the smell of freshly baked bread coming out of a hot oven on a cold, bleak spring day; it certainly lights a fire in my heart. I also find it impressive that every culture has its own version of bread: naan, ciabatta, baguette, sourdough, lavash, pita and bannock to name a few. For some years now, I’ve been experimenting with the science of bread-making –  most of the time it all works out and I get a light,crusty loaf, and other times; either the dough has not risen because of too much humidity or the loaf could seriously hurt someone, if thrown at, because of its density. Nevertheless, every time I bake a loaf of bread, nothing is more satisfying than: breaking bread, sharing it, and inhaling the warm slices, slathered with melted butter.  I would urge everyone to give it a try, at least once, so here is a simple recipe from one of my favorite chefs, Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa).

Breaking Bread

Breaking BreadIMG_2380  Breaking BreadIMG_2431 IMG_2438 IMG_2444

(note: here I used half wholewheat flour and half white flour)

© 2013 Ann Ivy Male

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