Les Vagues de Printemps Magique

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The surface remains still – cold and bleak. Snowflakes pirouette, they chassé from the sky. Shovels lie tired and worn from this ballet of La Neige Noir.

Under the ground – bulbs of crêpe paper colour are waiting to unfurl. Tiny spears will soon spike through the damp earth – endless cluster of sun and shine, force a palette of purple and white.

The sun shines on frigid waters, but to look closer – you might be convinced that the waves feel warm. Golden grasses sway to the east – Carpe diem they whisper.

Let the Ides of March be upon us, for we hang our bleeding hearts on a line to dry. Trust and betrayal lurk in the shadows – the unknowing awaits our fate in denial of the truth. Printemps – When will you arrive?

Petals of white give me shelter for I am an unassuming character with eight thin legs.

Tiny Fly – gasping for air; drink in the melting snow…dance away the darkness.

The oriole sits quietly on a branch and ponders – “While I hesitantly prepare for the long journey North – the sun will set quickly on my feathers of fiery orange”. But now, Lord Baltimore has summoned me to tea, and he inquires – “Have you packed the warm Southern winds in your case?”

“Yes I have packed the winds but I am late for an important show with the “Young Cardinals.” They are playing my song at the concert hall in the pine trees.

“Oh, Young Cardinals *

Nesting in the trees. Oh, hear our song
And reign your innocence on me.”

“Oh, young cardinals
Take flight
Return to nest in the black of night
There were things you were not meant to know.”

“Catch Me if You Can” shrieks Robin Red Breast to the Alley Cat on the pounce. Her turquoise, painted eggs stay safe, sound and protected in the comfort of their nest.

Paper-white Trillium – the star of the night, push through the roughage and grace us with delicate beauty. Cast your shadow onto the fallen logs – they lay still, heavy and quiet.

Honeycomb castles with leaded glass wings; drip with golden nectar and drown in the rains.

For now, I can see past the rain, the hail, the sleet, the ice….and soon the skies will be vibrant again.L’arc-en-ciel – j’embrasse vos tonalités violet, jaune et bleu et enfin de traverser la pluie et la neige. The painter will put down his brush when the sun gently sets somewhere over the rainbow….the last dab of magenta slowly disappears under the pointy stars.

Baby apricot buds cling to your stem, while the raindrops fall upon your twisted branch – open your eyes to the sun, now streaming through the trees.

Legend has it that Chief Woksis sent a tomahawk whirling through the air – only to hit the trunk of a large Maple tree. The sweet water poured out and filled his birch vessel. The sugar birds (crows), returning from the south, summoned the warm days and cool nights thus inviting the sugar-water to flow and sweeten the dark days away.

Spring forward into daylight, snatch the moment, shed the darkness.

Dandelion fireworks – light the dark sky with magic – tiny sparks flicker and shine.

Seize the day – today!

Spring green, Shamrock green, Paris green and Chartreuse – all tightly woven around knobby buds on sleeping trees. As the days get warmer and the sun shines  brighter – these shades of green will soon brighten the sky and bring life back to a grey world.

My bubble did not burst when the waves crashed hard and the sleet fell fast. The promise of spring awaits me. In just one more day I will bid “au revoir” to you, Lady Winter, with your designer cloak of white – sparkling with sequins. I now sit front and center for Spring’s Fashion Show. Bring it on – Light, Camera, Action!

Today is the day – Les Vagues de Printemps Magique – grace us with your ebb and flow of uncertainty. March on out like the lions and make way for April to bring light showers for May’s “crêpe paper” flowers.

© 2013 Ann Ivy Male

“Young Cardinals” quote – Alexisonfire

(A Spring Hunt – can you figure out which photo is missing from the collage? You might have to go back through the Spring Countdown photographs to find  it. Post your answer in Comments. AIM)

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