A Penny for Your Thoughts


A Penny for Your Thoughts

I found a lucky penny

It was on the train today

I gave it to a neighbour

She had much to say

Her name is Penny, she lives on Penny Lane

Penny is ninety-nine, wrinkly, old but sane

“A penny for your thoughts.” I ask.

4 Pennies

She replies…

“I could buy a sweetie for a penny… today it costs me more.”

“I used to collect my pennies in glass jars.”

“I’d saved them for rainy days and fast cars.”

“I’d toss them into fountains.”

“But… only the oldest ones in town.”

“I wished for a long life… I’m still here.”

“I wished for a man… he came and went.”

“I wished for love… and it’s all around.”

Penny closed her eyes, sat back in her rocker and started to hum…

Pennies from Heaven

Pennies© 2013 Ann Ivy Male

(In memory of the Canadian penny– the last day it will be in circulation)

3 thoughts on “A Penny for Your Thoughts

  1. Lovely story! POOR LITTLE PENNY!
    The penny would always seem to make it into our pockets and subsequently dropped into the Timmy’s collection box at the counter. Poor little penny.
    The penny was frequently lost in all sorts of places but most commonly below the car seat only to be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. Poor little penny!
    Let’s not forget the penny, and if you collected some timeless pennies or bundled them up in countless coin paper rolls – hold on to them! Don’t give them away. Poor little penny!
    Many would walk right past a penny sitting aimlessly on the city sidewalk and pay no attention to it. Poor little penny!
    Many would attempt to kick the penny as far as the eye could see only to see the penny almost resist any movement at all. Poor little penny!
    I still have in my possession many 1-dollar bills and oftentimes I am reminded of a time when things were much simpler. So remember this time! Poor little penny!
    SAVE THE PENNY! Poor little penny!

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