Union to Tower – Toronto

It was a special trip into the city this afternoon to spend time with my dad and baby sister on her birthday. I chose to capture the day in collage with three different impressions.

In De-Constructing Union Station ; I was amazed by the number of cranes, concrete trucks, hard hats and dump trucks in and around Union Station. The sun, reflecting off the gold RBC building, left some very interesting shadows on the tired train station that is now getting a well-deserved facelift.

Next, we have Bird’s Eye View ; it only takes 58 seconds to get to the top of the CN Tower, but once you are there – the view is breathtaking. Taxi cabs look like tiny Tonka cars, sky-scrapers no longer look intimidating, and a glass floor invites you to view the city just like a swallow does. The architectural wonder opened on June 26th,1976 and was designated the tallest tower in the world for over three decades. Now that’s World Class!

Lastly, we have Whimsical City ;  a Yellow Maple, Mountie Moose, Pepsi and the CBC- not much to explain, just things that caught my eye.

De-Constructing Union Station

Bird’s Eye View

Whimsical City

© 2012 Ann Ivy Male

6 thoughts on “Union to Tower – Toronto

  1. Your eye captures details that eludes others. Well done and thanks for sharing. Proud to be Canadian, more proud to be your mom.

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