Lest we Forget our Fallen Soldiers

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I wandered into The Contemporary Canadian Art gallery on Queen West a few weeks ago and was moved by this series of  mono-prints overlaid with oil paint titled –  Fallen Soldiers. The artist is Nathan Cann and his work was one of the winning entries in BMO’s 1st Art, a province wide student art competition. The artist explains – “lifted from countless hours of multi-player video games,each kill shot is from an anonymous player or myself and creates a significant reference to The Falling Soldier, a famous photograph by Robert Capa.”

Inspiration: The Falling Soldier taken by Robert Capa during the Spanish Civil War in 1936.


These two depictions of the Fallen Soldier –  one defined from a virtual figure and the other one – real and captured in a photograph, inspired my thoughts on the senseless destruction and loss brought on by war.

Off the Beaten Path

I wonder what you might find, if you wandered off the beaten path.

A soldier, a sailor, a warrior – a man.

You fall from the sky, you ripple through the sea , you run across the land.

What consumes your mind as you fight for freedom – in the shadow of your death?

Who is left behind to weep for you and cling to your memory?

What sense can be made of this senseless act?

Let the games play on… but only in your virtual world.

Lest we forget you our Fallen Soldier.

Lest we Forget.

In honour of Remembrance Day, this entry is dedicated to all the men and women who fight for our safety and freedom.

© 2012 Ann Ivy Male

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