Visual Poetry

“Misty” Morning

“I  Can See Clearly Now” Afternoon

“Sultry” Night

 I’ve always loved photography – I love how it captures a “moment in time”, how it ignites a specific charge to my memory bank and forces a reminder of things that may have slipped through the cracks of time. Photography is… visual poetry, encouraging emotion and interpretation by the beholder.

Vibrant Cloaks …(slide the bar to read the poem) is foggy, almost magical                                                                               The golden leaves by one                                                                           My brain yearns for me to...keep writing                                                                   My soul needles me to...snap shot the moment                                                     Soon the trees, with their cloaks of colour, will be naked.                                  Trunks exposed, brown limbs will stretch far and wide through the cold air.            And soon...snow flakes will dance around them, wrapping each gnarly limb with delicate etchings.
© 2012 Ann Ivy Male

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