The Farmer’s Table

Our local farmer’s market wrapped up for the season and that particular day was very reminiscent of the day it opened – it was rainy, cold and extremely windy. Most of the farmer’s stalls did not have tents up for fear of them being blown away by a blistery gale, however in spite of the weather, the many farmers there still had smiles on their faces and lots of farm fresh produce to sell.  While my daughter and her friend quickly scooped up their Halloween pumpkins, I chose a few beets, parsnips for roasting, a creamy white cauliflower, a sweet carnival squash, and my favorite jar of Eudora’s tomato chutney. If you’re anything like me, it’s a staple to have a spicy Indian curry at least once a week and to have a  great chutney to accompany your meal is a delectable treat. The young guy that sells the chutneys also makes them using traditional family recipes. My favorites are the tomato chutney, vindaloo sauce and the spicy carrot pickle. I love eating the carrot pickle with basmati rice, dahl (yellow lentils) and a simple salad made with cucumber, green onion, coriander and a squeeze of lime. It was a sad day walking away from the local market because it was a special part of my Saturday ritual, however, I was happy to know that our local butcher is now carrying these delicious condiments and whenever I need a farmers market fix,The St. Lawrence Market is just  a train ride away.

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© 2011 Ann Ivy Male

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