The Farmer’s Table – Pink Oyster Mushrooms

The air was humid, the sun shone brightly and it was a perfect day to buy some Fungi. The young lady behind a table full of earthy mushrooms beamed a beautiful smile. In front of her, heaped into cardboard boxes were an assortment of dark brown portobello, plump ivory button , thin delicate shitake and my new favorite – white and pink oyster or better known as “pleurotus ostreatus”. I’ve mentioned this mushroom in a previous entry but I decided to pay homage to it this time. This oyster is a thing of beauty, it reminds me of a flouncy skirt worn in the fifties. The scalloped edges giving way to thin, linear gills on it’s underside. The girl wearing it would have pouty red lips,stilettos and a tight bouffant hair-do. Something perhaps Amy Winehouse would  have worn on stage as she sang “Valerie”.   The aroma of this mushroom before it’s cooked is a little intense, very earthy and somewhat fishy – don’t let that deter you though, once lightly cleaned and cooked, the only scent is pure mushroom heaven. The texture can be slightly chewy yet the flavor is mild and delicate.
This oyster is certainly worth a taste!
© 2011 Ann Ivy Male

                                      Sauteed Pink Oyster Mushroom with Mixed Herbs

Pleurotus Ostreatus
Saute in olive oil,butter,garlic and onion
Add parsley, lemon thyme and dill
Serve on baguette toasts or beside a sizzling tenderloin.

British Jazz singer Amy Winehouse passed away yesterday. She was only 27 yet it seemed like she lived a lifetime when you listen to her music.  Lost and troubled, no doubt, just like the many other brilliant musicians of  “The 27 Club”.
I have listened on and off to her music and this song is one of my favorites.

“I hope you are having the greatest jam session  tonight with Kurt,Jim,Janis and Hendrix. Peace to you….”

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